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Which Numbers Come Up Most Often in a Mega Millions Drawing?

Written by findfinanceanswer

If you’re the kind of gambler that tends to lean more onto statistics and strategies instead of playing it all by sheer luck, then this blog is just what you need. To secure a win in the Mega Millions drawing, players often devise several pathways- the numbers they play could be significant to the lives of their family members or just based on a random set of numbers that attracted them most on that specific day. But none of these techniques have any credibility attached to them and are therefore less likely to fetch you any positive results.

On the other hand, if you study the numbers drawn in the Mega Millions in the last 4 years, starting from 31st December 2017, you’ll be surprised to know that there are indeed a few sets of numbers that have appeared several more times than the others. A pattern can be detected with regards to certain numbers that tend to appear repetitively while others that turn up very rarely. Read on to know which numbers you should befriend and others that you should steer clear of if your dream is to achieve some big bucks at the Big Game.

Is there really a “Luckiest Lottery Number” for Mega Millions?

Yes, a number that can be branded as the Luckiest Lottery Number for Mega Millions and that number is, drumrolls please, No. 10. I bet you didn’t see the most common mega millions number and the most popular number as far as the game of soccer goes, to appear in here. The frequency by which it has appeared and reappeared in the 360 lottery games played in the last 4 years is really astonishing: a total of 37 times. Most players seek a number that appears at least once in every 14 drawings, but here is a number that has turned up once in every 10 drawings.

There is another number that has appeared once in every 10 drawings and this is going to come as a shock, it is none other than the very ominous no. 31. While a lot of people would never think of 31 as a worthy contender, you have some genuine reason and statistics to back you up so don’t hesitate to befriend this number and use it as your apprentice. Try to stick to the lower numbers while choosing your set before a draw as it is proved that higher numbers (except 62 & 70) rarely pop up. No. 4 is another very common number with a total of 33 appearances out of the 360 games conducted.

While we’re at it, let us also point to you a few numbers that you must avoid during a draw- numbers 49, 50, 51 & 52. These have appeared the least number of times in the past few years. There’s also number 21, which is rightfully branded as the least common number with only 15 pulls out of 360 games. Steer clear of these numbers and you’re good to go.

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